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09-27-2007, 08:32 PM
I am trying to make Advent Calendar with pictures like


I would like a different picture for each day from 1 to 25.


Dec 1st you get you first pic and 2nd will be a different pic but I would like it to update itself as I will not have the time to update it.

http://mark4christmas.co.uk/Advent_Calendar_2006.html page was working before, but now for me it stopped working.

I would like the pic of Dec http://mark4christmas.co.uk/images/dec.gif to only load within the dec month.

On http://mark4christmas.co.uk/Advent_Calendar_2006.html page I have used JAVASCRIPT.

The code I have:

// Original: Jeff Harding (jbh@site-ations.com) -->
<!-- Web Site: http://www.site-ations.com -->

<!-- Day images (c): http://www.site-ations.com -->
<!-- Month images (c): http://www.bruce-hamilton.com -->

<!-- This script and many more are available free online at -->
<!-- The JavaScript Source!! http://javascript.internet.com -->

<!-- Begin
theDate= new Date();
months = new Array();
days = new Array();
months[12] ="images/dec.gif";
days[1] ="images/1st.gif";
days[2] ="images/2nd.gif";
days[3] ="images/3rd.gif";
days[4] ="images/4th.gif";
days[5] ="images/5th.gif";
days[6] ="images/6th.gif";
days[7] ="images/7th.gif";
days[8] ="images/8th.gif";
days[9] ="images/9th.gif";
days[10] ="images/10th.gif";
days[11] ="images/11th.gif";
days[12] ="images/12th.gif";
days[13] ="images/13th.gif";
days[14] ="images/14th.gif";
days[15] ="images/15th.gif";
days[16] ="images/16th.gif";
days[17] ="images/17th.gif";
days[18] ="images/18th.gif";
days[19] ="images/19th.gif";
days[20] ="images/20th.gif";
days[21] ="images/21st.gif";
days[22] ="images/22nd.gif";
days[23] ="images/23rd.gif";
days[24] ="images/24th.gif";
days[25] ="images/25th.gif";
function printDate() {
document.write('<img src="' + months[theDate.getMonth()+1] + '">'); // month
document.write('<img src="' + days[theDate.getDate()] + '">'); // day
// End

I do not know if I am missing anything.