View Full Version : If I host on TRIPOD will their HTML clash with script?

09-27-2007, 05:40 PM
1) Script Title: Image with description tooltip

2) Script URL (on DD): http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex4/imagetooltip.htm

3) Describe problem:
I am hosting this page on TRIPOD: http://pudgie204411.tripod.com/medieval_cartoons.htm and wonder why the script isn't properly working when you put the cursor over the text link - no image appears. Do I need to tweak something in script?

09-27-2007, 07:22 PM
Just underneath your opening script tag, you need to get rid of the following:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

After that, it should work.
Hope this helps.

09-29-2007, 02:15 AM
Hi Testingsite: I did that & look what happened:
Seems like something is clashing with Tripod's code (???) Any other suggestions?

09-29-2007, 06:32 AM
Tripod is one of many free hosts that often are, for one or several reasons, difficult to do scripts on. The main reason is usually scripts that they (the free host) put on all of your pages automatically for the purposes of showing ads and/or for blocking things that they do not allow. These scripts often either unintentionally, or otherwise conflict with the script that you want to use.

If the page works fine locally, but fails once it is uploaded, you have either neglected to upload all of its components, or it is being blocked as described above.

09-29-2007, 04:42 PM
I appreciate this insight regarding the conflict in clashing of scripts. I think then, I'll change it back to the way it was, prior to TESTINGSITE's suggestion. Let me put it this way, when I mouse over the images on my "preview" of the page when it is open in my web editor, and I see the images appear as I mouse over . . . then I can simply assume the script is copacetic as is - right? Any other insights would be appreciated.

09-29-2007, 04:52 PM
Btw John...I put that snippet of code back in and it returned to normal as witnessed here: http://pudgie204411.tripod.com/ AND, I built this using FrontPage02 and FYI, when I go into "preview" mode, sure enough, I mouse/cursor over the links and the images DO appear....so I assume it will react the same exact way, once I launch it to a "legitimate" web host....am I correct? Your insights have been invaluable and of course, justifiable!

09-29-2007, 05:58 PM
It is best to test your page locally in the browsers that you are concerned with, rather than in FP's or any other editor's preview mode. That is the only way to make sure that the local version is performing as expected in those browsers. Once that all checks out, and uploading of all components to a live host that doesn't mess with your page is carried out in the usual manner, the live page should also be tested, but in most cases will be fine.