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09-27-2007, 09:29 AM
1) Script Title: Hiding dropdown behind a menu - View

2) Script URL (on DD): mmenu.js

3) Describe problem:
I want to display a menu dropdown when a user hovers over a particular menu item. The main menu bar & its childs are created from a javascript.

In the same page I have included a jsp created dynamically which contains few dropdown elements

the problem is when I select the menu item the drop down (in the page) does not gets hidden in the background. But the dropdown is displayed over the menu item. I guess many would have faced this issue atleast once.

I tried setting the z:index of the menu to a higher value but it did not help me.

Enclosing the screenshot of my problem.

Any help is appreciated. Pls help guys, as we are struggling with this for many hours.:mad:


11-16-2007, 12:41 AM
1) Script title: DHTML Window widget (v1.1)

2) Script URL (on DD): http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex8/dhtmlwindow/

3) Describe problem:

I do not have a solution to this problem, but I'm searching. I can confirm that the problem also affects the DHTML Window Widget as well. I added a simple SELECT element to the demo.htm file provided in dhtmlwindow.zip and tested with IE6 and FF2. Works perfectly in FF2, but suffers the same problem as above in IE6.

Adjusting the z-index of the elements does nothing to help. Additionally, the dhtmlwindow is able to be grabbed and moved. All parts of the window slide under the select element (the dropdown box).


11-16-2007, 02:54 AM
This problem is caused by a know bug in IE (<7). :mad:

An explanation of the problem, and a suggested workaround, can be found here...

or here...

Perhaps DDAdmin may wish to code a general solution.