View Full Version : Ultimate fade-in Slideshow in a joomla module, multiple instances

09-25-2007, 10:34 AM
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Ultimate Fade In Slideshow

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I have this script in a Joomla module for random banners with fade in.
I have attached the files. A file js and a file php (renamed in txt excuse me).



I have see the code in the js and i see that is the ultimate fade in slideshow version 1.51.

Here in dynamicdrive i have read that support "multiple instances" in te same page.

I have tried some solution (changin variable names for example), but when i have 2 modules with your code, they run for a little time, but after some "cycle" they crash.

I know that is possible to change the name of some variables for create a copy of module (and a copy of script) to use without any "incompatibility" or varible sharing.

Can you help me to do that? Is a problem of your script (that support multiple instance like you demo page) or a problem of my module?

PS: really really excuse for my poor english!:(