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09-24-2007, 05:52 PM
Hello. im not sure where to post this so here it goes.... i want to do something like this (http://www.apple.com/mac/)... if you notice like in the middle of the page, there is a picture that says, "click to play" and when you click, the video starts playing, and just underneath it there are more videos and when you click on them, another video starts playing. I want to do this, can somebody PLEASE help me? I would REALLY appreciate it... :D

09-24-2007, 05:55 PM
you could use iframes or javascript, but iframes that would take alot of work...

if know one answer i will post an example with iframes....

but you would have to have your own video player src

09-24-2007, 06:01 PM
No problem about the video player source, all i need is the script to do this... a tutorial if possible... I would appreciate any help i can get...

09-24-2007, 06:25 PM
ok just pm me later and remind me, I'm going to start whipping something up, I can have the code done soon, sorry just been busy with alot of stuff...

09-24-2007, 06:33 PM
Thanks a lot, ill pm you later then, like how soon do you think you would have something so i can pm you then? i will keep looking for it too...

09-24-2007, 06:38 PM

But this is an example of what I did.
Iframe Example (http://xudas.com/test/iframe.html)

and the code!

<iframe name="MYFRAME" src="http://google.com" width="740" height="400" frameborder="1" ></iframe>

<a href="http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Link+1&btnG=Google+Search" target="MYFRAME">Link 1</a>

<a href="http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Link+2&btnG=Google+Search" target="MYFRAME">Link 2</a>

<a href="http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Link+3&btnG=Google+Search" target="MYFRAME">Link 3</a>

<a href="http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Link+4&btnG=Google+Search" target="MYFRAME">Link 4</a>

09-24-2007, 06:39 PM
sorry for double posting, but your going to have to edit it beyond that, you can use images to as the target like the link you gave, and also if you have any questions plz let m know.. thnx

09-24-2007, 06:44 PM
Your the best!!! thanks alot!! i will try that now...

09-24-2007, 09:01 PM
For more control, the only real option is using Flash.

09-24-2007, 09:03 PM
yeh flash, but flash is expensive for the program and it takes along time if your a newbie in flash, and flash takes way more work, dont use flash, and flash SUCKS HAHAHAHA,, sry to all those flashers out there, lol.

09-25-2007, 02:35 AM
I don't like flash and I hate sites that use too much of it, but there's no way around using it for having a controlled video player. Java, maybe, but that's harder to learn and arguably less compatible.

The cost of it isn't an issue. It's a simple decision then... get it or don't.

"I want something that can only be done in flash." ...so... get flash.

Pretty simple. Not necessarily good.