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09-15-2007, 04:49 PM
1) CODE TITLE: Clocker

2) AUTHOR NAME/NOTES: Thomas Eding

3) DESCRIPTION: Clocks and analyzes function speeds.

4) URL TO CODE: http://trinithis.awardspace.com/Clocker/Clocker.js

Use for analyzing speeds during development:

function a(){...}
function b(){...}

Clocker.time(a, 100); //100 iterations of a
Clocker.time(b, 100); //100 iterations of b

alert(Clocker.analyze()); //returns fastest trial(s) based on ms/iter
Clocker.reset(); //clears the trial set

Clocker.run(a, 100); //run a for at least 100ms
Clocker.run(b, 100); //run b for at least 100ms

alert(Clocker.analyze()); //returns fastest trial(s) based on ms/iter

The code is smart enough to ignore the code stall of alert(), confirm(), and prompt() that might be in the tested functions. You can also name each trial by adding an extra argument to time() or run(). By default, the trials are named '1', '2', etc.

NOTE: You should not use a Clocker.run() and a Clocker.time() in the same trial set because their algorithm times differ. If it is necessay, try using: http://trinithis.awardspace.com/Clocker/Clocker2.js or http://trinithis.awardspace.com/Clocker/Clocker3.js.

09-15-2007, 05:30 PM
Again impressive. I have a very basic implementation of this already (I suspect all serious developers have), but it's not as featureful as this one.