View Full Version : Shrinking Window (DIV) - Please Help

09-10-2007, 06:59 PM
In my website i have a left column and a right column (DIV's - 30% and 70%). The left column has an X image on the top right. When you click on that image, the left column should shrink and move to the left (you can only see a small strip with an expand icon on the left) - right column should expand and fit the shrinked area. When you click on the expand button on the left column, it should expand and fill its area, right column should go back (shrink) to its original width.

The whole shrinking / expanding thing should be a cool thing that can be seen on screen and be done without page refresh.

Please help me on how to get this done - sample, link, tutorial, anything would help.

Thanks a million in advance.