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08-14-2007, 11:47 AM
1) Script Title: wz_dragdrop script

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To begin with, hello to u all...

Basicaly I'm trying to get into DHTML and Javascript but sometimes it just gets too much - I'm a graphic designer and code ignorant (not unusual heh) but still trying...

I'm using Walter Zorn's script to drag layers around and I would like 2 things to happen: when I mouseover a dragdrop layer, an info layer to appear AND to be able to use the SCALABLE function of the script without the shift key to enlarge the image in the div, just by using an tiny image as a "hotspot" on the bottom right corner for each dragdrop layer.
http://www.qbox.gr/test_asxeto/scalesmall.jpg http://www.qbox.gr/test_asxeto/scalebig.jpg
This doesn't need to be functional during the drag function... just during a mouseover/hover BUT it does need to be easy to implement since it's going to apply to many div's.
I have managed the layer to Show/Hide by using:

<div id="whatever" onmouseover="dd.elements.INFOLAYER.show();return false;" onmouseout="dd.elements. INFOLAYER.hide();return false;">>
...but what about the scale-hotspot-function on mouseover...?????
Do I use the my_PickFunc Function, if so how??? :confused: :confused:

08-15-2007, 10:35 PM
...am I asking too much or is it too complicated? :confused: :)