View Full Version : Help Needed pls !!!

08-10-2007, 02:20 AM
hey folks ... i am new to dynamic drive forum ...
i have this problem and i thot i cud use some of u guys expertise
i have developed this web page which is like really long and i have divided it into pages ( sort of virtual ) using java script. Now each (of the virtual) page is linked to a tab. so when a particular tab is clicked the corresponding page is displayed. I had to do this cos the data is interlinked and hence i cant divide the page into different html files
The problem is that i now want to add drop downmenu's to the tab and i just cant understand how to go abt it.

i m attaching my files please have a look at it and let me know how to go abt it.

thanks in advance

08-12-2007, 05:14 PM
am i missing out on something ?? cos i thot the experts out here wud have atleast have something to comment on my problem ??? come on guys ... please help me out here !!!!

08-12-2007, 06:28 PM
ok i think i made a mistake ... i have uploaded the wrong code... sorry folks ...
and tahnks in advance !!!