View Full Version : layer fade in help

04-07-2005, 06:10 PM
Hi folks - I'm a new member and this is my first post. I am working on a website that uses several layers, one of which contains a flash file. I want to time the appearance of two of the layers with the animation on the flash file -namely, I want the layer for the menu , and a layer with text explaining the site, to appear at the end of the short flash animation. What's more, I want both those layers to fade in gradually, from 0 opacity to about 83 percent opacity (so you can see the flash graphics through them.)

The layer for the menu (a flash file that will float on top of it) has no images or anything in it; it is simply a colored panel. The layer for the text contains a table, so I can have round-corners on the layer.

Using dreamweaver, I have no trouble with setting the timing so that the layers appear when they should. The problem is with the fade-in effect. I have tried several methods, using filters and other things, but nothing I have found will let me gradually go from the layers being invisible to being visible at 83 percent opacity. Can any of you JS coding wizards help?

BTW, I know these effects can only be seen in certain browsers; at the moment, I am only working on compatibility with IE.