View Full Version : Help with JsDoMenuBar 1.11 (Some Links without Spread out)

04-07-2005, 04:44 PM
Hi, :(

I have used the JsDoMenuBar 1.11.

I want to know the system to make some links without spread out.

This is my code:

function createjsDOMenu() {
absoluteMenu1 = new jsDOMenu(120, "absolute");
absoluteMenu2 = new jsDOMenu(120, "absolute");
absoluteMenu3 = new jsDOMenu(120, "absolute");
absoluteMenu4 = new jsDOMenu(120, "absolute");
absoluteMenu5 = new jsDOMenu(120, "absolute");

with (absoluteMenu5) {
addMenuItem(new menuItem("Licensing", "", "blank.htm"));
addMenuItem(new menuItem("Chemical", "", "blank.htm"));
addMenuItem(new menuItem("Cosmetics", "", "blank.htm"));
addMenuItem(new menuItem("Automotive", "", "blank.htm"));
addMenuItem(new menuItem("Communications", "", "blank.htm"));
addMenuItem(new menuItem("Resorts", "", "blank.htm"));

absoluteMenu6 = new jsDOMenu(120, "absolute");
absoluteMenu7 = new jsDOMenu(120, "absolute");
absoluteMenu8 = new jsDOMenu(120, "absolute");
absoluteMenu9 = new jsDOMenu(120, "absolute");

absoluteMenuBar = new jsDOMenuBar("static", "staticMenuBar");
with (absoluteMenuBar) {
addMenuBarItem(new menuBarItem("Staff", absoluteMenu1));
addMenuBarItem(new menuBarItem("Mission", absoluteMenu2));
addMenuBarItem(new menuBarItem("Vision", absoluteMenu3));
addMenuBarItem(new menuBarItem("Headquarters", absoluteMenu4));
addMenuBarItem(new menuBarItem("Groups", absoluteMenu5));
addMenuBarItem(new menuBarItem("Licenses & Patents", absoluteMenu6));
addMenuBarItem(new menuBarItem("Small Business", absoluteMenu7));
addMenuBarItem(new menuBarItem("Corporate", absoluteMenu8));
addMenuBarItem(new menuBarItem("Social Acts", absoluteMenu9));

Help me please,

Thanks a lot