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08-06-2007, 09:08 PM
I am creating a website and it kind of needs... well put it this way, a PHP FTP Unit. The uploading directory must be able to change by my php script, in otherwords, diferant users will have differant directorys. Also, an un-related Question, When the user comfirms his\her signup via email that page must be able to create a directory with CHMOD 777. If anyone could write a script to my needs and help me with my sign up system, a "Thanks" will be added to their account.(I do not want to sound like I am asking too much of DD's users for free:-|)


08-06-2007, 10:37 PM
You should just look at php.net for documentation on this. Nothing you mentioned is really that hard, but the overall script would be long.

Look at the file upload "feature" documentation.
Look at the file functions (unlink deletes, mkdir makes a director, etc etc.)
Use some sort of key/database/file to store the validation, then use a get variable (?key=23932023) to send that back, from the email.

You should be able to find some threads about all of these things, though, for the most part, separately

Get started writing the script, even just a framework, then ask if you have questions as you go.

Generally, it's a lot easier to help if you have a specific question rather than just asking how to do a task generally. Even if we did write a script, it might be not how you want (as much as one of the menus in the library might not be the type of menu you are looking for).