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04-06-2005, 09:04 PM
DD Script: Conveyer belt

Hello, I have been working with your conveyer belt script for quite some time. I have an unusual server and for some reason the index page is *different* than the other pages in set up. When I place the script on a differnt page it works just fine. :) BUT when I place it on my home/index page, it loads with errors and does not show the belt images at all. No x's nothing. Just the reference back to your site. :confused: So after much ado with the server they finally told me the following:

The Scripting structure on the Home page is different than
on the tier 2 and 3 pages.

If you remove any line breaks (as if the script is added in
one constant line) the code should work.

I have tried and tried to edit it so that this is the case. Now the page loads w/out errors, but still contains no images either. Am I doing something wrong?? (Besides using a dorky server? :rolleyes: ) Is there a way I can make this work on my server? If not, are there other DD Script options for me? Based on the same scenario? :confused:

Thanks for any insight.