View Full Version : Arrays and Surveys

08-01-2007, 06:43 PM
I'm working on a survey now that asks people to compare two places. I have over 2,000 different pairs, so I'd like to divide this up into many different versions of the survey, so that each person will only answer 200 different questions.

My question is how do I make it so each user gets a different version when they access the same site?

I want to control for which pairs each subject sees-- that is, drawing up 120 random pairs from a list won't do. I have quasi-random, counterbalanced, list of pairs for each person, and I'd like to be able to input this information into the site.

I was thinking about defining many different variables each corresponding a list of pairs and then inputing these variables to a PHP site. But I don't know much about arrays or if this idea would even work.

Any suggestions?