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07-27-2007, 10:17 PM
I have 2 dependable combo boxes, when one option is selected in the first one, the second one shows more options based on the first selection.
This information, along with other info, need to send it via email in a web form.

I have formmail.php script to send the mails, via web form, where the javascript of the dependable combo boxes is also included.

I tested the form, with just the 2 combo boxes and the "Send" button, and I get it right via mail, but when I try to integrate with the other information of the form, the problem arise.

To be more illustrative, here is the code alone for the javascript, including the head and the body part:
Click here to see the Javascript code (http://www.travelisimo.com/javascript/javascript-code.txt)

And the html code with all the info that needs to send via web form is here:
Click here to see the HTML code (http://www.travelisimo.com/javascript/html-code.txt)

When I try to run the script, it gives me an error message:

window.document.form.SubCategory is null or is not an object

I'm a newbie in all this, so could you please tell me what I am doing wrong, or please tell me how can I do it, in order to have this script work, in other words: To change the options in the script, and at the end, send correctly the information via the formmail.php script.