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07-27-2007, 08:10 AM
I am new to PHP and I don't have a seperate server. I am running Dreamweaver CS3 with Developers toolkit and Xampp 2.1.10.
My problem appears to be that I cannot get my head around whether I need to have a seperate server, or whether I can do everything locally. I have also got MS SQL Server 2005, as I thought that this might be the way to go.
I need help in how to setup the components - DW, Xampp, and how then link DE to Xampp to make it talk to the dummy table I have created. Alternatively, an easy way of ensuring that I have setup the configuration correctly.
I host on Fasthosts and also have MySQL on there, but they are not helping much.


08-07-2007, 06:48 PM
You can run everything locally through xampp. It has built in mysql and phpmyadmin too. First thing I would recommend is BURN DREAMWEAVER.

I can understand that people may think dreamweaver is more user friendly... but the truth is you still need to LEARN how to use the program, so why not just LEARN HOW TO CODE ? Either way you have to learn right?

Dreamweaver is very uncecessary, it bloats your code and makes things harder then they are IMO. Your entire problem of not being able to run mysql is diretly related to you trying to run it THROUGH DREAMWEAVER.

Download notepad ++ , get your learner's cap on, and start learning php/mysql

09-04-2007, 09:30 PM
Or just use the code view in dreamweaver as you have it anyway and it won't bloat your code. It's so funny when people automatically jump on the bandwagon of "I Hate WYSIWYG editors" without realizing their potential.

DW8 has many, many good uses. Snippet storing saves me losing stuff in my documents, syntax highlighting prevents me messing up on a bad hair day, auto finish on certain programming code types speeds me up and a built in FTP (agreed, slightly buggy and not all that great) to boot makes me think it's not crap at all. Not worth the money, that's another story but my employers can afford it.