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07-24-2007, 05:54 AM
Dear members:

I am new trying to adapt a certain image gallery that I like but I was lost when the instruction asked me to download imagegallery.js and paste certain codes there. But I am more used to straight foward copy and paste in Header and Body, etc even though Inferno Cruiser recently explained how to copy and paste into a notepad and saving files as say imagegallery.js.

1)I have tried everything to no avail bu with shady result below:


2)But provided below are the links to show the project I am working to achieve(PLEASE CLICK TO SEE EXAMPLE):


3)The soure codes or instructions are provided below to assist anybody willing to help me:


Please I will welcome a more straight forward detailed line by line instructions to help me achieve my goal.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.