View Full Version : Cool DHTML Tooltip II : howto use external CSS and script

07-20-2007, 04:31 PM
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Cool DHTML Tooltip II

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This script has instructions to place the style, script, and mouseover code in the HTML of the page you want to have tooltips. The obvious preference is to call a stylesheet that is not inline, same with the script itself. I'm not a javascript coder, just a beginner, so this might be something obvious.

The goal is to modify the HTML page to (first) insert/callout/include the script code while that script is in a dedicated "script.js" file. Then the script.js file should call an external stylesheet "style.css". For making multiple pages that all use the same script being able to include the script while it lives in a /scripts dir and use an existing stylesheet that the rest of the HTML is also using would make this much more scalable to large sites.

Again, I realize that this is probably not a really hard question, but I do hope that someone will have mercy and help me out. Thanks in advance for any assistance.