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04-01-2005, 12:47 PM

I have 2 niggling problems here to do with my Intranet that I've been working on; one is very much web related, the other not so much.

1) We have an internal telephone list which is held in an Excel spreadsheet. I know using Word I can insert it as an object which updates the word doc when the spreadsheet is changed... can i do this in Frontpage at all so that all I have to do is make sure the spreadsheet is up to date and the .htm page reflects these changes?

2) I need to place a shortcut on the desktop of everyones pc here, by using a batch file which is automatically run when they log on to the network... getting the batch file to run is no problem, but i'm not sure how to write it so it creates the shortcut: I do already have a batch file which opens up IE and displays the page, which will be saved to their C:\ drive, but how do i make it put a shortcut in the C:\documents and settings\all users\desktop folder? (I know that's pushing the limit of what can be answered on this site, but I've had a lot of help here recently ;) )

04-05-2005, 12:23 PM
Right, I now have the shortcut thing sorted (lots of messing around, but it works now and i'm not gonna start playing with it again!)

However I still have this problem with the spreadsheet. I've tried a few things but nothing is jumping up at me... all i want it to do is update the page when i change the spreadsheet that is embedded... Is this possible without some sort of applet? I know that our company uses a custom written applet that updates our online ordering site, so all the user has to do is put in the link to the pic and add some info, then ftp the pic to the server and the page is updated instantly. Would i have to go by this route to make this work?


06-13-2012, 09:09 PM
Just wandered upon this post. I know there is this new program in beta at JSONData.com. You can update data in real-time and it works much like spreadsheets. Hopefully this solves your problem if you have not solved it already considering this is an old post.