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04-01-2005, 11:19 AM
a fairly indepth PHP programmed site. It's for a large-ish produce company and they want a site with the following specs:

1. User Registration (via MySql and PHP)
2. User Login scripts (utilizing PHP sessions)
3. Validation of User Login and logging to the DB of time, number of logins etc...
4. Protection of all pages (again using sessions)
5. After all the pages have been read, direct the user to an online multiple choice quiz.
6. Quiz submits, and is "graded" and given a percentage.
7. Depending on the percentage the user is directed to a page where a PDF is dynamically generated so that the user can print his or her certificate or is directed to a "sorry you didn't pass page".

What would you, a Freelance web designer bid on a job of this magnitude? I want to give a very fair quote. Thanks to all that have experience with this and can reply.