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04-01-2005, 09:19 AM
Script: Dragable elements script

I'm trying to add a drag and drop script to a jigsaw puzzle for a school website project, and at first it seemed to work fine- I could drag things around as much as I wanted.
After a few moments, though, I dragged one of the pieces into the wrong spot and tried to drag it somewhere else, but it was stuck. It just became a regular image. And I realised the cursor script I was using wasn't working either.
I tried dragging the other elements around the page, and they all had the same problem: I could drag it once, but once I let go, I could drag it anywhere else.

Has anyone else been experiencing the same problem and/or knows how to fix it? Thanks.

EDIT: I just tried applying the same script to a same file without using the cursor script, and I still had the same problem. I then tried making a new file and applying the dragable elements script to an image and some text, and I'm not having any problems. I don't see what's causing the problem, though the following might be some contributing factors, I don't know:
*There are quite a lot of images with the drag and drop script applied (16)
*There are several images other than those with the dragable elements script, though not very many

That's all I can think of, it's really quite annoying.

04-02-2005, 07:48 AM
Well, before we go any further, this is an important instruction that goes along with this script:
Notice that the class="drag" declaration is added to the innermost elementHopefully you understand what that means and you have followed it. Now, if all is well as far as that goes, we really need to see your page to diagnose it:

05-21-2005, 10:30 AM
I am trying to make a paperdoll, but I can't see how to change the order of what is in front and at the back of the picture. In other words, I can't get Georg Bush and the monkeysuit to get behind the bananas! Any suggestions? Is it possible to tag the elements by number?

05-21-2005, 09:55 PM
Not sure, just don't use the pointy scissors!