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09-27-2004, 09:53 AM
I want to display menus dynamically means I want to run an ASP script before displaying menus, which will provide me a session variable giving the type of user. Based on type of user I want to display menus. e.g. 'Admin' type will see the "Administration" menu and 'Temp' won't see it. Plz help.

09-27-2004, 09:54 AM
Plz tell me how to use ASP script in JS files provided with Top Navigation Bar III

10-11-2004, 08:34 AM
So u guys out there r not going to help me out?

10-11-2004, 01:47 PM
I shah_manmohan,

I don't know if it is possible or not, and from a lack of responses I'm guessing no-one else does either yet.

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