View Full Version : Begging for help - Menu System - Dynamically change div z-layer with image file??

07-05-2007, 08:41 PM

Firstly, yes this is my first post, I have spent pretty much the last available 30 hours of my life researching or trying to get an answer, so please don't flame me.

Secondly, please view the attached file, its a flash version of how I want my menu system to work.

Basically this is my live cv, I have 6 pages, each having seperate details and information which I need to populate from an external file. (preferably html)

I tried to do this in flash, using the GSB iframe tuts and files but had no joy at all (I have posted this in the flash forum as well)

I just wanted to know is there anyway of replicating this menu system in JAVA, I have tried with scriptiolous but no joy...

The only way I could think was to use java to allow the user to rise each card when clicked, maybe via the 'z-level = 0' function of the div layer (have 8 seperate div layers, each with an open card in, stacked in such away that when the card your viewing is the highest z-level the others would fall back to the spine view)

Apart from that I am stumped. I was going to stick with just a static div set up and have 8 pages created, but I wanted to make it a little more dynamic, so if java can help so be it.

Please don't flame me or tell me to search (i help ppl a hell of alot on other forums such as xbox-scene etc) I just want your thoughts and maybe even solutions

Thanks in advance