View Full Version : Oddities with Safari 3 for Windows

06-28-2007, 06:57 AM
Well, I've been playing around with Safari 3 for Windows now for a bit. It apparently has an annoying habit of caching external scripts at times (surviving a refresh), making it a nuisance to debug.

Also, it doesn't (at least in some cases) do:


correctly, adding to the history stack. And, I found that if I set the src attribute of an iframe to about:blank and remove it from the document. If I later create and insert a different iframe with a different src attribute, the new iframe will often inherit the original src attribute of the removed iframe. Using several different src attributes, Safari would sometimes seize upon one and all added iframes would then use it. This did not happen in IE 6 or 7, Opera, or FF.

This leaves me wondering if these are bugs of just the Safari Windows browser or of Safari in general, not to mention possibly also of Konqueror.