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03-27-2005, 06:55 PM
I have created a website in dreamweaver. Go have a look at http://users.skynet.be/duitseherder/
On my own pc all works fine. But when I view the website on my laptop then the tekstline "welkom op de website van spartacus korfbal club" flikkers when moving from left to right. But on my pc it moves nicely from left to right.

Another question. I use the template nested top frame. Because the top of the frame must always stay the same. Is it posible that I can load every page (when clicked upon in the drop down menu) in the lower area. This is the main frame. Now I have to create for each page I want to view a whole new frameset...

By the way, only the "Home" button and "onze club" work. And in "onze club" only the top 2 items. The rest I stil have to finish. This was a smal test befor completing the rest of the site.

Hope u understand my question? :o

thanks for the help in advance

03-27-2005, 10:31 PM
I don't like the alternating marquee, gives me a headache! Red text on green background, no less, no wonder it's flickering. I'm just surprised it doesn't flicker on your computer. I highlighted it and it turned white on blue, no flicker. These types of marquees are bad form. My advice, get rid of it. The glowing text looks cool but, there are those who would say get rid of that too.