View Full Version : Jim's DHTML Menu v5.7 help

03-21-2005, 05:52 PM
Is there any way to make this menu centered in a table while centering the entire webpage as well. I can center it if the webpage is left aligned but when I center the entire webpage, I cannot accomodate varying screen sizes.

I'm looking for a horizontal menu that has a horizontal drop down menu and that can be centered in a table. I've tried Top Navigational Bar III v3.5, which can be centered, but I don't know how to make the drop down menus horizontal. I can't seem to find both capabilities in one menu.

Any suggestions anyone? An example of the menu I'm looking for can be found here:

I would use this one, but you must put a link to milonic in your menu and I don't want to do that. And, I'm not sure if I can center this menu in a table.