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06-08-2007, 07:23 PM
my problem is this ill show code then explain what i want

echo "<td width = 100px align=\"center\"><input type=\"submit\" name = \"{$row['productcode']}\" value= \"Download\">

this bit is on a while loop adding buttons to a table giving them a unique name according to the record comming ba ck this is in a php self form so that it creates the table on fly deping on what query has been requested to run.

$prodcuctname[$count] = $row['productcode'];

trying to add the unique name to a array

now at the top of this php script is this

i want to do a check to see if the button has been clicked and then load the new query in but this part doesnt work how to i check to see it those unique buttons have been clicked and then exercute according new query.

//doesnt work
while ($i <= 6) {
if( $_POST[$procuctname[$i]]=='Submit')
getimage("http://etc" .$procuctname[$i]);

anyone know how to fix this its really important