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06-06-2007, 08:30 PM
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DHTML Window widget (v1.03)

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Widget is great; works fine. Is there a way to get rounded corners? I've got a good opacity change in the CSS (although FFox 2x doesn't like it; it takes out the color in the title bar but I can live with that). It'd be much nicer for my project if we could have rounded corners.

Second and less important: do I simply add margin and padding to the CSS to change the text layout? I want bigger margins and less line spacing but am not sure where it's inheriting from. The display is markedly different in FFox v. IE with IE showing more white space at the bottom. Again, I can live with it, but would like to tweak the left and right margins. Which specific CSS entry holds the magic key for paragraph spacing?

Many thanks; a great widget.