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06-06-2007, 06:23 PM
Hey group,

I'm somewhat of a novice with HTML code, so please excuse me if my post doesn't contain something it should have (or if it has more than necessary).

My problem is this: Four years ago, a dropdown menu (with fly-out elements) wwas created for me with 18 elements in the main ("parent"?) menu. You can see this menu if you go to


The menu will appear if you put your cursor over the "Chapters" button.

I want to add a 19th element to the 18 that are currently in the dropdown menu, but I can't figure out how to do this. I'm thinking that I need to do something (beyond adding the info for Chapter 19 that I've pasted below) in either or both of the menu_var.js and/or menu_com.js pages, but I can't figure out what to do.

Although I have the code for Ch. 19 set up similar to the Ch. 18 code, when I upload the page containing this information, only the 1st 18 chapters appear in the menu. I'm stuck and really, REALLY need a little help!

Thanks for any assistance you might provide.


Menu1_18=new Array("18: Tests on Ranks","#","",11);
Menu1_18_1=new Array("18: Funny Stuff","funny18.htm","",0,20,150);
Menu1_18_2=new Array("18: Chapter Outline","outline18.htm","",0);
Menu1_18_3=new Array("18: Quiz","#","",2);
Menu1_18_3_1=new Array("Interactive","quiz18_interactive.htm","",0,20,150);
Menu1_18_3_2=new Array("Print Version","quiz18_print.htm","",0);
Menu1_18_4=new Array("18: Misconceptions","misconceptions18.htm","",0);
Menu1_18_5=new Array("18: Famous Person","",0);
Menu1_18_6=new Array("18: Best Passages","#","",3);
Menu1_18_6_1=new Array("Research", "bestpassages18a.htm","",0,20,150);
Menu1_18_6_2=new Array("Distribution-Free","bestpassages18b.htm","",0);
Menu1_18_6_3=new Array("Overlapping","bestpassages18c.htm","",0);
Menu1_18_7=new Array("18: E-mail Messages","email18.htm","",0);
Menu1_18_8=new Array("18: On-Line Resources","resources18.htm","",0);
Menu1_18_9=new Array("18: e-Articles","e-articles18.htm","",0);
Menu1_18_10=new Array("18: Poetry","poetry18.htm","",0);
Menu1_18_11=new Array("18: Corrections","correction18.htm","",0);
Menu1_19=new Array("19: Mixed Methods","#","",11);
Menu1_19_1=new Array("19: Funny Stuff","funny19.htm","",0,20,150);
Menu1_19_2=new Array("19: Chapter Outline","outline19.htm","",0);
Menu1_19_3=new Array("19: Quiz","#","",2);
Menu1_19_3_1=new Array("Interactive","quiz19_interactive.htm","",0,20,150);
Menu1_19_3_2=new Array("Print Version","quiz19_print.htm","",0);
Menu1_19_4=new Array("19: Misconceptions","misconceptions19.htm","",0);
Menu1_19_5=new Array("19: Best Passages19.htm","#","",3);
Menu1_19_6=new Array("19: e-Articles","e-articles19.htm","",0);
Menu1_19_7=new Array("19: Corrections","correction19.htm","",0);

06-08-2007, 08:08 AM
In your page's source code, it says it is using this menu:


A slightly older version. Have a look at the demo page for this and also at the config.htm that comes in the distribution archive. It has all the info on this script. The menu_com.js shouldn't need any editing.

Added Later:

Funny thing though, the number 19 entries all appear to be working to me.