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03-17-2005, 10:07 AM

It's all about this script:

I have a question about the placement of the images.
How can I modify or alter the script to put the images
on an exact location on my website? (ie: 232px)
On my site the pics are seperated vertically.

I hope someone can help me with this
Thanks in advance :)

03-17-2005, 04:14 PM
It is not clear to me what you want. Do you want the slideshow to be 232px from the top, or from the left or did you have something else in mind? If it is either left or top, just wrap the script in a
<div style="position:absolute;top:232px;left:30px;">script goes here</div>adjust top and left values as you wish, otherwise - explain more what you want. Providing a link to your page would probably help to see what you are after.

03-17-2005, 04:32 PM
Thnx for the fast reply :)

Sorry for the bad explaining hehe.
I want the images to be placed in the rectangular boxes
in the picture below.
Is that possible?


03-18-2005, 03:51 AM
OK, still be easier if you gave a link to the page. It can be done. For a simple idea, just wrap the script in a span tag like this one:

<span style="background:url('your.jpg');">script goes here</span>Where your.jpg is the picture you want behind it. It won't look like much if you don't already have pictures set up to display in the script. Some tweaking of position and widths may have to be done to get things lined up the way you want. It might be easier if we change the script to make it a table. Wrap it in these tags:

<table align="left" style="background:url('your.jpg');width=239px;"><tr><td>
script goes here
</td></tr></table>change the separator in the script to:</td></tr><tr><td>
Then you could adjust position by changing the cellpadding and cellspacing of the table tag.