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03-17-2005, 01:38 AM
Script: DD Countdown Script 2

Hope you guys can help me here.

On my website I have a countdown timer. Trouble I'm having is this.

I'm trying to now use DD Countdown Script 2 (DDCS2) instead of the timer I currently use. Trouble is the DDCS2 seems to be interferring with my HV Menu script which is also on the page, causing the menu not to dislpay at all.

Is there any way of altering the script(s) to avoid the conflict.

Example of page with other countdown timer script and HV Menu working http://www.rhylfans.co.uk/index.html

Example of same page using DDCS2 but the HV Menu doesn't appear at top of page http://www.rhylfans.co.uk/indexnewcountdown.html

Hope that makes sense.