View Full Version : Printing multiple documents through forms

05-14-2007, 09:12 PM
I'm trying to write a script that would allow me to print muliple documents (.doc, .pdf) through forms, where i would browse and find each file i need through an <input type="file"> and when i have selected all the files that i would like to print, i hit a button and the documents print in order. Sounds simple enough.... ;)

After i make a script to do that, the next step would be formating each file where i had the option to print each file specifically (Black / White, Color, Portrait, or Landscape).

The next and final step would be putting a loop on it to do that how ever many times i need. (I'm making a book so to say and each chapter is in a diffrent document. But i cant put all of the documents in one document and sometimes i would have to make 120 books.)

Kind of strange i know, i dont know javascript and this is probably going to take a year to make. Is there any related topics that someone could point me to? If any coders out there are looking to make alittle money you could also give me an estimate.


05-15-2007, 12:07 AM
pdf's may work, but only with the right browser extension. Sorry, but there's no reliable way to read a doc or pdf file without using their corresponding programs. pdf files may be your only option, linking to the documents and hoping your user has Adobe Reader.