View Full Version : Daily changing index site?!??!

03-13-2005, 04:33 PM

is it possibly to change automaticly the index html every day or radomly??



03-14-2005, 04:52 AM
Yes, there are at least three ways that pop to mind.

1) Make your index page a giant iframe and use the daily iframe script

2) Make your index page a frame and use the daily iframe script but adapt it to frame source instead of iframe source.

3) Make your index page a redirect script and use the daily change code from the daily iframe script to make it redirect to different pages for each day.

This brings me back to the old BBS days when I had word of the day, this day in history, that sort of thing and special welcoming screens that appeared on holidays and observances. This was done primarily with batch files back then, so I'm thinking that also using server side scripts could work but, that is not my forte. Conceivably, in JavaScript, using the new Date() object one could have different content for every day for many years to come, all automatic, as long as the content was there ahead of time or one had a way of generating it on the fly. As for random, just use any of the many random number generator scripts and adapt that to one of the above ideas. I'm sure there must be other ways as well. Any particular reason you asked?