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09-24-2004, 07:12 PM
Man, this must really be one hell of a code forum, there wasn't one thread in the general section. In my opinion this is just sad. Does Anyone here like anime and/or manga?

I like anime a bit and my favorite show would be serial experiments lain. That is one cool yet wicked anime. I may like anime, but thats in comparison with manga which i LOVE! I am a manga fanatic and read any of it i can get my hand, or computer, on. One of my most recent reads was the Berserk manga, but it is still being published and is currently at like the 28th volume. I could go all day and list 50++ mangas i like, but rather i want to say that the worst manga i have ever read was gundam wing. The anime in my opinion was pretty good, i don't care what others thought of it, but the manga i read that was made after it was really terrible. Gundam Wing is one of the very very few anime that didn't start off from the manga with the manga basically being a black and white japanese comic strip story line xD.

10-16-2004, 04:56 PM
Being a life-long enjoyer of anime and manga, I was overjoyed to work for both Bandai and ADV films at the Sony Metreon when I lived in San Francisco. They had this super-swanky free anime theater called the "Action Theater" that showed episodes and full length films for free all day.

My personal favorite anime series' would have to be Love Hina, Fruits Basket, and His and Her Circumstances.

As far as manga goes, I've always enjoyed Shirow Masamune's work with both the Appleseed and Ghost In The Shell series'.

Much love to another appreciator of japanese print and media!

10-17-2004, 10:27 PM
I was into Dragon Ball Z for a while a few years ago, but the fight scenes simply got progressively longer and longer to resolve. You can see this transformation slowly. It seems Dragon Ball Z was simply set up in a way for ultimate failure- the fight scenes relied on being bigger and better each time until in the end, there was no where else to go. They should have developed and focused more on the storyline, kind of what the orginal Dragon Ball cartoon did.

Ok now I'm just rambling about a cartoon. Hehe

10-18-2004, 01:56 PM
Joke of the moment:

How many Dragon Ball Z characters does it take to change a lightbulb?

Only one, but it takes 4 episodes.

Heh. :)

10-18-2004, 09:07 PM
They don't call it "Drag On Ball Z" for no reason. :)