View Full Version : Site Mapping a js menu script page

03-08-2005, 01:15 AM
Hello all,

Can anyone help. I am trying to build a site map quite quickly and the applications that I have used so far to look for links from a source path do not know how to look at the paths in my js Menu's. I have tried VISIO, Dreamweaver and some others.
Does any one know of some software that can understand a js file?

03-12-2005, 06:14 AM
Your best bet might be the tree /f command from DOS on your local copy of the site, output that to a file and go from there. Not super fast but, better than nothing. In a DOS box, go to the root directory of your local copy of the site, type tree /f, hit enter. If that looks good type:

tree /f > sitemap.htm

hit enter then edit that file (Warning - this will overwrite any file named sitemap.htm in the current directory). If your site is really well organized in directories a simple tree with no switch might provide better output. This is for Windows, might work on other OS's. If you put
<pre> </pre> tags around the content when you edit the file, should look decent with little work. You'll have to add in the link tags though, if you are good at search and replace with your editor (plain text editing may be better than a html editor, if you do regular expression editing, that would probably be best), this could be relatively painless.