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04-17-2007, 04:50 AM
I have the Cross browser Marquee II script on a page that I am doing and even added the Image w/ description tooltip script to it and it works really well. The only problem that I am having with it is that I don't really know anything about Javascript to figure out how to close the gap between the end of the sequence and the next begining. The first picture in the sequence doesn't start over until the last picture has reached the top of the marquee "frame". If you want to check out what I have thus far you can see the page here... http://www.4x4rider.com/scrolltest3.php. You can't see all of the script because I have the images all being put in dynamically with php, but you can at least see what it is outputting.

I have found the Conveyor belt slideshow script that was modified by one of the forum users to be vertical instead of horizontal, but I can't get the popup picture to work. I have that one at http://www.4x4rider.com/scrolltest4.php.

If you need to see the php scripting as well, I will post it here.

Any and all thanks in advance.

04-17-2007, 05:38 AM
Invalid path:

<img onmouseover="doTooltip(event,1)" onmouseout="hideTip()" id="image1" class="image1" src="img\/productImages\/371-037_detail.jpg" width="100" border="0">



should be:


04-17-2007, 06:11 AM
Thanks for pointing that one out to me John, but that was actually off of the scrolltest3.php page that was working with the popup but leaving a gap equal to the height of the scroll box between the last and first image. The scrolltest4.php page won't display the popup at all, but it has no gaps in it. I really hope that this isn't one of those situations that require me to choose the lesser of two evils.....lol

Again, thanks for pointing out my bad programming cleanup.


04-17-2007, 02:07 PM
Thank you for all of the help that you have been giving. I actually found the answer to my problem from a solution that you gave to another user about having 2 "window.onload" statements...


I used the function that you suggested there and it works perfectly. Thank you SO much.


The page will stay up for those who might want to use these two scripts together (http://www.4x4rider.com/scrolltest4.php). Just view source and get the entire page and modify to your spacific needs. Thanks again John. You da man!!!