View Full Version : Chained Select last dropdown multiselect suport - Possible somehow?

04-15-2007, 02:04 PM
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Chained Select last dropdown multiselect suport - Possible somehow?

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I have implementet this excelent script in our Radio wishing box you can see here:

So our listeners can choose a favorite Musican an a title there. all works very fine together with php.

So now i standing befor a problem Im not able to solve.

I want to enable the listeners to select more than one song from a musican in the last dropdown.
but this would only work, if i would name the dropdown with an array name like: title[]

burt wenn i try to init the chainselect this way:
<body onload="initListGroup('wunschbox', document.forms[0].interpret, document.forms[0].titel[], 'cs')">

It is not working. It does not support multibkle select.

So now my Idea would be to make it multible anyway, and add the selceted item to an hidden field on key storke ore something like this.

Hope my english is clear enough.

Im realy not so good with js and DHTML so I hope someone are able to give me a hint ore help how to solve this!

Thank you very much beforehand: