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04-15-2007, 03:46 AM
Click to enlarge - Window gets enlarged but not the images, so need help.There are about 50plus images and coding in POP file is as follows:
<html <?php echo HTML_PARAMS; ?>>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=<?php echo CHARSET; ?>">
<title><?php echo $products['products_name']; ?></title>
<base href="<?php echo (($request_type == 'SSL') ? HTTPS_SERVER : HTTP_SERVER) . DIR_WS_CATALOG; ?>">
<script language="javascript"><!--
var i=0;
function resize() {
if (navigator.appName == 'Netscape') i=100;
if (document.images[0]) window.resizeTo(document.images[0].width +180, document.images[0].height+150-i);
<body onload="resize();">
<?php echo tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $products['products_image'], $products['products_name']); ?>
<?php require('includes/application_bottom.php'); ?>

04-15-2007, 03:49 AM
Please don't double post (or in your case triple post). Please stay in your original thread (the one in the CSS forum) and as soon as someone with the knowledge of this can reply to it, then you will have your answer.

Due to this double post in the wrong forum, I am closing this thread.

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