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03-04-2005, 09:14 AM
Hi all:

I'm using the Preloaded Slideshow script by Jason Moon:


I've searched the forums here & read the FAQ but couldn't find an answer to my questions. I hope you can help. =)

Our site is a digital art site, so the images tend to be quite large. We're adding a new feature for illustrated stories and using the above script to move through the images in each story.

One of my problems (the main one), is that when the Next button is clicked, the next slide loads at the bottom of the image. What I need it to do, is when Next is clicked, move to the next slide but jump to the top of the page. I have tried in vain to force it to the top with bookmarks and <a href> tags in HTML. I can get it to work in Mozilla that way, but not IE - which is what most of our users are browsing with.

My other issue is I am wondering if a different button can be used for Previous & Next. A gif or jpg?

Any input you can give is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. :)