View Full Version : Beginner help needed

03-01-2005, 04:49 PM
I create webpages using Adobe GoLive. I am a designer and not a code writer (just struggle with code and need to leave it to those who are good at it.) I need to put a navigation in and have seen it used (the site referred me to Dynamicdrive.com).

The specific help I need is:

1)What would the code be called for the navigation that opens an alternate side window with links, on the website at:

2) How do I know exactly where to insert the code onto an existing page? This may seem simple to those who understand code, but not to me at all :(

3) Can I insert one of the codes from this site into a basic GoLive page?

4) What is a good resource to learn how to use dynamic code.

Feel dumb, frustrated, and so appreciate the opportunity to ask for help.