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03-20-2007, 09:27 PM
I am working on band sites so I want to find a good script that would list dates and locations of shows on the main page but if you clicked on the actual show page youd get a more detailed table of cost and times and other bands playing.

I want to do this as an actual code because the band wants to input the data themselves. However I don't know the best way to do thsi and calendar scripts that I have found arent what I want..

03-20-2007, 10:44 PM
This could turn out into a fairly complex script involving server-side scripting and databases.

If you look into PHP/MySql it would be do-able.
There is no "instant" script for this type of question, sometimes you just have to do it the hard way:

PHP Reference:

PHP/MySql Tutorial

MySql Reference/Downloads:

Note that if a MySql database is configured on your web host, it is there regardless of what programs you use to view/edit it.
If you don't want to download the 50mb pack (recommended) you can use phpmyadmin, generally with this url, or given by your hosting service:

Good luck.

03-21-2007, 05:06 PM
Thanks! I see how to create the insert form but I was wondering if someone could tell me how to create a password on the form so that whoever is inserting data has to know the correct password in order to post.