View Full Version : Any way to center Jim's DHTML Menu (v5.7) ?

02-26-2005, 10:56 PM
i really like this script but i only have one problem

is there a way to align it in the center of the page?
because my page itself is aligned to the center and on other screensizes it looks very weird

if it cant is there another script that can?

or are there other ways like putting it in a table? and how to do this?

thank u


02-27-2005, 10:02 AM
i found the floatMenu code and i added this but its still not working properly

menus[0] = new menu(18, "horizontal", 250, 92, -2, -2, "#cdcccc", "#cdcccc", "Arial,Verdana,Helvetica", 9,
"bold", "bold", "black", "white", 1, "black", 5, "rollover:images/tri-down1.gif:images/tri-down2.gif", false, true, true, true, 12, false, 4, 4, "black");
menus[0].addItem("html/main.html", "mainframe", 110, "center", "Home", 0);
menus[0].addItem("#", "", 100, "center", "Familie", 1);
menus[0].addItem("#", "", 100, "center", "Hobbies", 2);
menus[0].addItem("#", "", 100, "center", "Foto's",5);
menus[0].addItem("#", "", 100, "center", "Extra", 4);
menus[0].addItem("html//contact.html", "mainframe", 110, "center", "Contact", 0);
menus[0].floatMenu(1152, 864, 10, 0);

my resolution is 1152*864 and its centered now , when i change to 1024*768 its not centered anymore (i use firefox as browser)

any1 please?