View Full Version : Need form to send results to Excel spreadsheet

03-16-2007, 01:18 PM
This is what I want to do

I run a soccer football fantasy league and each player has a home page on which his team is displayed in 11 option form fields on a pitch, one for each position. Each option field has about three player options he can choose before his match

When he's decided who to pick I want him to be able to send his 11 choices to me in the usual form way

Normally I would recive them through my php script like this:

Van der Sar, Terry, Eboue, Carvalho etc

But what I want to receive instead is the player's cell value in my Excel sheet I use to work out the weekly points. So I would get

=a34, =a67, =a120, =a45 etc

then I can easily import his team for that match into cells in my spreadsheet

If anyone can give me any advice on how this might be done I would be grateful