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03-13-2007, 01:08 AM
1) Code Name: Auto-Windows System

2) Author/Notes: IceMetalPunk. Extension of the DOM Drag & Drop code by Aaron Boodman.

3) Description:

I added an extension to Aaron Boodman's DOM Drag & Drop code. It allows for people to create draggable windows with titlebars, colors, close buttons, borders, and a choice of full HTML content or an embedded, resized webpage, all using simple HTML (and pseudo-HTML) tags.

Aaron's credits are intact within the .js file, and my own credits have been added before my addition.

The attached ZIP file contains the JavaScript file, the image that's automatically used for the titlebar's background image (if that filename is used with a different image, ANY background can be applied to the titlebar, allowing for limited skinning possibilities), and a "test.html" file that includes an example of multiple types of auto-windows (check the source to see how relatively simple they are to create).

4) Code Attached Below (sorry for not uploading it, my host is having some bandwidth issues at the moment).

-IMP ;) :)