View Full Version : Javascript in Frames! How to Target?!

03-11-2007, 05:02 AM
I'm having a problem with Javascript. Yahoo has changed for the worse and I had to change the matrix. In doing that, the Javascript refuse to work properly on the new matrix. What matrix? I'm talking about a custom backdoor for a league.


The bottom frame name is main.

View the source codes for the top frame by right-clicking on the top page...

You will see the Javascript function at the top. There is separate function for separate options. They are all the same.

Scroll all the way down and you will see the Javascript form.

Okay, when a person log into the room and then decide to change alias, they choose the ID # and click the form button to switch names in the lobby. The problem with the new matrix, it opens in the new window. I've tried many different methods. I want it to open in the specific frame.

I revert the codes to the original version and I need someone to look at it and explain to me very carefully on what I need to change.

Now, I got that completely covered....

I want to know the name of this specific task/project I am working on? Is there another similar Javascript codings? What about one that a person can type in instead of drop down list?

Anyways, lets focus on fixing the problem I have first. Thanks.