View Full Version : Right-brained needs left-brained help

03-10-2007, 06:42 PM
Hey guys. So, I'm about to graduate from design school, and I'm working on my portfolio web site at the moment. I've done some coding, but I'm far from an expert at it, and could use some help in getting some things to work.

This is my site at the moment :

I've basically been looking on the web and have been borrowing code from various places to make my site work the way I want it. Not totally positive on how most of it works, but I'm fine with it as is. The only one problem I'm having at the moment is that my site scrolls horizontally from left to right and I have 3 floatin divs that I want to scroll with the user as he/she is going from either left to right.

This is basically how I want it to work, but from left to right.:

I've tinkered with this code as best as I can, but I cant seem to make it work in my case.

Anyone able to help?

PS. I havent had a chance to check things on a PC yet, so there might be some formatting issues. Any heads up would greatly be appreciated...