View Full Version : Creating Username & Password page

03-10-2007, 01:17 AM

I need to create a page where visitors can create their own username
and password, which, when they sign in, will allow them to access
member areas of a site . . I can create the form but the database
and code are way out there . .

I've been told it is not difficult . . is this true?
Anyone be willing to help me or point me in the right direction?


03-10-2007, 01:19 AM
Take a look at this tutorial (http://www.php-mysql-tutorial.com/user-authentication/index.php). It isn't too difficult to do either. After you look at the tutorial and you still need help, let us know and we can try to help out as best as we can.

Hope this helps.

03-10-2007, 05:49 AM
I will read that,
thank you very much!