View Full Version : Mouseover within image to change entire image

02-23-2005, 10:50 PM
let's see if I can make this make sense. I have a long image, within which is text such as "bio contact links" and such for navigation. Now, I have mouse over images for when you hover over, they change to the word all scratched out. here's the tricky part: the scratchiness goes over into the other words. Thusly, I would need to not just have seperate images for each word, that change with mouseover, but I'd need one large image, containing all the words, and as you mouse over a certain part of it, it would change that large image to the specific image I need.

*tries to further clarify*
If I mouseover a part of the image that I designate via something like a image map, we'll say I mouse over "links" it would then change the whoel entire image to the image with links scratched out. But if I mouseover another part of that same image, say "news" then it would change the entire image to the image with "news" scratched out.

OK, I think I've made as much sense as I can.

So, does anyone know where I can find a script like this, or how I can alter an existing script to work for me?

Thanks for any help,