View Full Version : Odd Shaped Frames

03-05-2007, 09:08 PM
Essentially, what Im trying to do is have a chatroom running on the page while users browse the website. Unfortunately, the chatroom reloads whenever they change to a new page. I want a navigation menu on the left spanning the entire page, but I dont want scroll bars on it. I want it to be dynamic with the page height. On the top right of the page, I want the chatroom, but I want the content below it do be part of the same page as the navbar. In other words. I want only two frames on the page, one with the chatroom, and the other to be shaped like an L. http://custom.hiprmod.net. So like, really what Im asking for is to be able to have a frame on the top right that doesnt reload with the content. I also want to be able to define width and height. Is there a way to insert a sort of iframe into a page, but have it no reload when the page changes? I want the content that is not the chatbox to have its url in the browser box (where if you use actual frames, the url stays the same as your frameset page).