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02-23-2007, 04:22 PM

I'm new to javascript and coding and html and all that fancy jazz. I've kinda been teaching it to myself as I go along, so when I hit a snag I'll wrack my brain for hours in utter frustration and despair until I realize that it was a misplaced comma or something.

Anyway, I'm having an issue with some javascript code that I got from one o' dems free code websites. It's supposed to be a simple clickable slideshow that will redirect customers to certain pieces of jewelry when they click on a certain picture of the show. I want the page to open up in a new window, which it currently does. However, it's opening up in a new window that has no address bar or anything of the like. It's a simple problem that I know probably has a simple answer, but I've been tearing my hair out for two days trying to sort this thing out myself. I figure I'd better ask people who know more.

Here's the code I'm using. You might see where I've tried to make a few adjustments and forgot to change it back. (ie: the places that make you go "lolz n00b") :rolleyes:

JSFX = new Object();

document.write('<STYLE TYPE="text/css">.slideTrans{ filter:revealTrans(duration=1,transition=0) }</STYLE>');
document.write('<STYLE TYPE="text/css">.slideBlend{ filter:blendTrans(duration=1) }</STYLE>');

JSFX.ClickableSlide = function(theImg, theUrl, theTarget)
this.theImg = theImg;
this.theUrl = theUrl == null ? "#" : theUrl;
this.theTarget = theTarget == null ? "_blank" : theTarget;
this.loadImg = new Image();
JSFX.ClickableSlideShow = function()
this.id = JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.getId();
this.timeId = null;
this.imgName = this.id + "_I";
this.urlId = this.id + "_U";
this.currSlide = 0;
this.slides = new Array();
this.startDelay = 0;
this.slideDelay = 3000;
this.transType = 24;
this.transDuration= 1;

window[this.id] = this;
JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.slideNo = 0;
JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.getId = function() {return "JSFX_cs_" + JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.slideNo++;}
JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.prototype.addSlide = function(theImg, theUrl, theTarget)
this.slides[this.slides.length]=new JSFX.ClickableSlide(theImg, theUrl, theTarget);
JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.prototype.setStartDelay = function(startDelay) {this.startDelay = startDelay*1000;}
JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.prototype.setSlideDelay = function(slideDelay) {this.slideDelay = slideDelay*1000;}
JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.prototype.setTransType = function(transType) {this.transType = transType;}
JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.prototype.setTransDuration = function(transDuration) {this.transDuration = transDuration;}
JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.prototype.setTimeout = function(f, t) {return setTimeout("window."+this.id+"."+f, t);}

JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.prototype.toHtml = function()
<IMG SRC="'+this.slides[0].theImg+'" \
NAME="'+this.imgName+'" \
class="slide'+(this.transType==24?"Blend":"Trans")+'" \
alt="Click to see this product">');
JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.prototype.setSlide = function()
var img = document.images[this.imgName];
if(img.filters != null)
if(this.transType < 24) img.filters[0].Transition=this.transType;
img.filters[0].Duration = this.transDuration;
img.src = this.slides[ this.currSlide ].theImg;
if(img.filters != null)

JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.prototype.animate = function()
this.currSlide = (this.currSlide + 1) % this.slides.length;
this.timeId = this.setTimeout("animate()", this.slideDelay);
JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.prototype.start = function()
for(var i=0 ; i<this.slides.length ; i++)
this.slides[i].loadImg.src = this.slides[i].theImg;
var theImg = document.images[this.imgName];
theImg.onmouseup = this.clickFn;
theImg.ss = this;
this.timeId = this.setTimeout("animate()", this.startDelay + this.slideDelay);
JSFX.ClickableSlideShow.prototype.clickFn = function()
var ss = this.ss;
var slide = ss.slides[ss.currSlide];
if( slide.theTarget.charAt(0) =="_blank")
if(slide.theTarget == "_blank")
window.open(slide.theUrl, ss.id);
document.location = slide.theUrl;
if(this.nw && !this.nw.closed) this.nw.close();
this.nw=window.open(slide.theUrl, ss.id, slide.theTarget);

02-24-2007, 03:25 PM
The code does look confused but, the only thing in it that could open a window with no address bar is this line:

this.nw=window.open(slide.theUrl, ss.id, slide.theTarget);

If you were to change that to:

this.nw=window.open(slide.theUrl, ss.id);

it would open a normal new window.